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(of an object, substance, or resource) of great value; not to be wasted or treated carelessly.

used as a term of address for a beloved person.

"Before you tell your life

what you intend to do with it, listen for what it intends to do with you.
Before you tell your life what truths and values you have decided to live up to,
let your life tell you what truths you embody, what values you represent.”

― Parker Palmer

In these exceptional times, the work of becoming Human is the medicine we need.

Human becoming requires a willingness to dance the floating edges of inner and outer reality while finding inherent respect for the diversity of our rhythms.

Human becoming demands a piercing intimacy with your deepest wounds and most dangerous gifts.

Human becoming means inviting Fear to gently blossom in your Heart to reveal its profound blessings and initiations.

Human becoming invites your tender failures to form the ground of your perennial wisdom.

Human becoming is risky. It is revolutionary. Often times, uncomfortable.

Your task is to gently tend to the spaces you have unconsciously avoided, as this is where true power resides.
Apprentice yourself to your mystery. 

It’s not for the faint of heart, though it requires vulnerability.

It asks for your disillusionment as payment for your Life.

It is not guaranteed, though it is your birthright.

In these exceptional times, the work of becoming Human is the most courageous act of Love and service imaginable.
And it certainly calls for PLAY.

~ May all beings be happy and FREE ~

Private Sessions

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
Mary Oliver

I hold a space of playful exploration of your unique creative expression (power, fullness) in service to the embodiment of your human potential. This includes astrological insights as well as spontaneous inquiry. 

Predictive astrology is not my specialty, nor my primary focus. Informed by a variety of astrological techniques and astrologers, my main influence and practice is rooted in Adam Gainsburg’s Soulsign Astrology®, emphasizing the Soul’s Desire and your unique wiring for its expression through your Self Identity. I look to uncover what stands in the way of your deeper fulfillment and emergence of latent gifts (a.k.a. “shadow”) and how you might manifest these gifts in service to building the future you would like for yourself, your children, your community, and society. The interweaving of personal fulfilment and collective need is the bedrock of a deeply satisfying life.

As a living sky enthusiast, I look at the actual sky at your birth moment, as well as in progressions and transits. Incorporating the sky includes more of what we are.

One of my specialties is working with couples to locate and nourish the fertile ground of the partnership by introducing and unpacking the possible soul-level benefits for the relationship.

Your work/active beingness changed and changes my life. I think there’s something about working with you long term that adds such a depth. Like you show me the seeds that are already present in my [un]consciousness and then I get to actively choose to water them, let them have more light or shadow. Receive the fruits of my life.
~ Marina

Suffering is woven into the very fabric of human life. Pursuing the end of suffering paradoxically engenders more suffering. When we begin to form relationship with our suffering, we experience ourselves and others differently; we develop the strength of a tender heart and new life choices emerge we could never have accessed otherwise. Holding our challenges in this way empowers us, and our obstacles now become doorways into deeper embodied fulfillment.

This is what characterizes a Precious Human Birth.


Sessions take place over Zoom, Skype or phone;  video & audio recordings will be sent following the session.

Methods of payment: Venmo, PayPal or check (credit card option coming soon)

I welcome a 10-15 minute preliminary discovery phone call (free of charge) before the first session. 

Pricing & Session types ($144 for 60 min or $213 for 90 min)

Session types

  1. Soul+Self session is a broad overview of the chart focusing on the lunar nodes, their rulers and aspects and Pluto.
  2. Go Granular is a deep dive into one or more aspects and/or houses in your chart to get more clarity on stuck or challenging areas.
  3. Tantric Pair Alchemy focuses on what’s possible when we merge the gifts of the Sun-Moon + Mars-Venus pairs.
  4. Couple’s Session is where we look into the aspirations and potentials of a relationship from multiple vantage points. * Can also be done for two people in a non-romantic relationship (sublings, friends, etc.) 90 minutes is recommended for a couple’s session. 


Alex L.

Seattle, wa
I just wanted to say again how much I appreciate our time yesterday. 
It is probably the best reading I have had from any astrologer. 
Your willingness to delve into the depths and weave all the energetic patterns together in a directed, conscious way was remarkable.
All the best to you and to the flourishing of your work.
february 2022

Thank you so very much. The reading today has already been transformational. Your approach gave me such a new perspective to my journey. I just want to hug my baby moon! And for the first time I feel like I can have a personal relationship with the planets and stars.

november 2021

Chloe W.

westcliffe, co

I’m incredibly moved by your gift and so glad to have met you. I keep recalling how it felt like you were channeling my true self as much as reading my chart yesterday…I’ve never had such an experience. I’m incredibly grateful to have found you, for your deep presence and profound intuition and knowledge…

november 2021

Amélie G.

berlin, germany

You have the ability to combine your deep, profound knowledge about astrology (facts) with your gentle, open heart (compassion). The way you communicate is very powerful, clear, considered and smart. A killer combination.

september 2020

Hala M.

This is definitely not an astrology reading — for me it’s a healing session. How you weave the whole thing is very precious, Andrea. You have a wonderful gift…it dropped me into my heart space.

november 2021

Patty F.

northfield, MN

Thank you again for your insightful reading in December, and the great heart wisdom you brought to it. I am still learning so much from this, and appreciate every one of your thoughtful words.

january 2022

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