Client Love

You are helping midwife my process in a way that I never knew existed or could have imagined could fit so well with my own way of understanding and experiencing. I'm delighted to be connected with you.
~ CW
Thank you so much for your knowledge and basic human goodness. I have been studying astrology for 40 years and have had readings with many, and I am so excited to find/know you.
~ EP
Unlike any reading I have had, which were generally pretty specific about career, relationship, and all the session hit on a deeper more fundamental level, where those topics became less relevant. It was so comforting and validating to know that the risk of committing to a path unknown and unseen but truthfully felt is indeed the right course of action to take during these big transits... I'm so grateful for your work and the full, open heart you put into your interactions. Thank you.
~ MP
I just wanted to say again how much I appreciate our time yesterday. It is probably the best reading I have had from any astrologer. Your willingness to delve into the depths and weave all the energetic patterns together in a directed, conscious way was remarkable. All the best to you and to the flourishing of your work.
~ AL
You have the ability to combine your deep, profound knowledge about astrology (facts) with your gentle, open heart (compassion). The way you communicate is very powerful, clear, considered and smart. A killer combination.
~ AG
You so beautifully spoke to this unraveling in the reading…you truly brought parts of me back together just now…you helped me synthesise all of what is happening for me at the moment… I so value the help you have provided…I want to say thank you a million times...I feel so blown away.
~ LD
Thank you so much for the deep reading; I felt very seen, esp. in some very deep aspects. And what you shared with me confirmed inner knowings, even though at first I had some resistance, because a part in me felt confirmed in believing how hopelessly broken I am...So with every time I am listening to it, it sinks a little bit more into my heart and feels more and more beautiful. Thank you!!!
~ JH
Wow! I’m so inspired and deeply moved! I must have said wow for the first 15 mins post reading! Thank you for being a clear messenger and seeing me. Giving me a clear vision of the work I came here to do.
~ RS
Andrea Michelle is the most amazing astrologer I have had the honor of working/playing with. I am always grounded by her ability to remind me of my individual, and unique humanness.
~ ME
This is definitely not an astrology reading -- for me it's a healing session. How you weave the whole thing is very precious, Andrea. You have a wonderful dropped me into my heart space.
~ HM
I’m incredibly moved by your gift and so glad to have met you. I keep recalling how it felt like you were channeling my true self as much as reading my chart…I’ve never had such an experience. I’m incredibly grateful to have found you, for your deep presence and profound intuition and knowledge, and for the resources and connections you’re providing me. I’ve been needing all of this so powerfully but haven’t known where to turn.
andrea, i can't even tell you how much our session has stayed with me. truly, you gave me a compass for some of the most intense intense and transitory times... you gave me a Huge Huge Gift. i can't even tell you. <3
~ AD
Thank you Andrea Michelle for the unique and special tone you bring into astrology!
~ HM

Venus Group Participant Love

You are such a gift. Your subtle voice resonance expressing gentleness with this juicy passion squishing about so effortlessly in class. You are wonderful. And it echoes within all of us as you orchestrate our collective knowing field, thank you.
~ Marilyn MK
Last nights class was mind blowing, so much deep alignment both personal and transpersonal. I joined this circle after a reading with _____ when he said he really wanted me to find a learning space that could meet my natural gifts and capacity...I've gotten so much more than I bargained for. This is such an expansive space for my mind and spirit, just so full of gratitude and really deeply humbled to be in relationship with the planetary forces in such a vast way ... .
~ Lara P
There was something about the space you created, to allow in - ideas, voices, different aspects of the feminine - that was truly 'different.' There was an invitational spaciousness that is not easy to hold but you are willing to go there and to offer it.
~ Debbie A
I can’t express how fortunate we are of having you in our lives. Much Love!
~ Linda F
I just want to acknowledge this Deep Grace presence from you that grounds and holds Venus circle with Love & Precision on So many Levels!!
~ Maddie K
I deeply appreciate the way that you are leading the class - so much dignity and grace without having to be anybody. I want to thank you for your support, love, open and generous heart.
~ Emiliana P
I am so truly grateful for this space you have so generously offered and created. It is an absolute blessing to be in such a safe, gentle, powerful and loving space to share the nuances of the varied experiences during this intensely evocative time.
~ Toni A
You are such a lovely, gentle soul. You have a gift for holding a sacred safe space, and that's the essence of the feminine energy.
~ Diana V
What a beautiful group of people gathered and your leadership/container holder presence is such a gift.
~ Eliza B

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