session packages

“I’m in delicious anticipation of our next meeting.
What is unfolding is magnificent and your mentorship is stellar.
~ Kimberly

Session packages are an option for those wanting to co-create an intentional container of 3 or more sessions to evoke and inhabit a unique natal or progressed signature, or an upcoming transit. There will be room for non-linear, spontaneous exploration as well – whatever best supports the organic process of deepening relationship with(in) yourSelf.

Potential reasons to work together in this way:

  • an upcoming transit feels daunting (Pluto over Moon, Saturn over Ascendant, etc.); we suss out the evolutionary invitation of this transit, including the potential challenges and empowered choices you can make in facing these deeper initiatory thresholds
  • an old story keeps playing itself out; we look to where that signature lives in your chart, map out the context within which the story was formed and discern your indigenous path to greater choice and sovereignty
  • you are embarking on a new project/relationship/career/orientation and would like to lovingly meet your blind spots and habits of self-sabotage to ensure a more successful outcome
  • you wish to cultivate your inner devotion to living more of what/who you are, creating space to sink into what (will) bring(s) you truly alive

Create your own custom session package! Let me know what facet(s) of your chart (aka yourself) you wish to immerse yourself in and I’ll structure a container in which we can venture safely, deeply & thoroughly to unveil the initiations and treasures that await you there. See below for session package ideas.

Email to set up a complementary 15 minute exploratory call. 

the devotional journey

These sessions are designed to support your understanding of and develop relationship with the purest drives and broadest potentials of a specific natal planet, asteroid or KBO (Kuiper Belt Object) of your choosing. It is recommended to work with a planet/asteroid whose significations are less familiar though at least somewhat prominent, as this is where self-mastery may be best honed and actualized. If you don’t know which one to choose, together we can look at your natal chart to see where to begin.

Why focus on one planet/asteroid?
Many ancient lineages and traditions have understood the wisdom of ‘apprenticing’ to a specific deity/deva for a solid period of time to develop a deep and full relationship with it (which is really an aspect of our own Mind or wisdom body). In Tibetan Buddhism this is called a yidam practice; within the South American shamanic traditions it is known as a dieta. Due to the holographic nature of reality, fully devoting our (loving) attention to a singular aspect, lens or frequency by definition opens us into a relationship with our wholeness!

“She abides, seated in the vajrāsana within a blaze of wisdom light,
As the very embodiment of all buddhas and bodhisattvas.”
Excerpt from a Tibetan Buddhist deity sadhana (practice)

One of the greatest benefits of this type of consistent commitment to oneself is the gradual exposure of any psychic structures that have been suppressing this unique intelligence stream. Gaining awareness is the first step; voluntarily building our capacity to meet these outdated structures heart-first is what composts them into the soil of a new
octave of Being.

What is included in this session package (below is just a start, there will be additions/adjustments as the sessions build):

  1. a personalized video of the movement of this planet throughout its entire Sun cycle (with the backdrop of the living sky) to contextualize your birth moment and offer a fascinating visual experience of *your* unique place within the unfolding of this larger evolutionary process;
  2. a blending of the natal chart significations with its heliacal phase (position within its Sun cycle) to finetune an understanding of its larger purpose*;
  3. a look at where its support systems are – including its polarity position – to assist in its return to a balanced, holistic expression;
  4. “play time,” where you get to put this planet on center stage and feel into its qualities and longings, needs, wants, desires and discover where it even ‘lives’ within your body;
  5. co-created gentle guidelines or prompts to foster your unique living expression of this planet/asteroid in your life!

*Understanding which planets in your chart are more inherently oriented for initiating, discovering, building and discriminating and which ones are about responding, manifesting, partnering and delegating distinguishes our deeper drives and can elicit a profound inner recalibration, igniting a fresh sense of purpose.

Pricing: 1:1 sessions are $639 for (5) 60-min sessions; groups (no more than 6 ppl) is $750 per person for (10) 90-min sessions.

Email to inquire or to set up your 15 minute exploratory call!