Andrea Michelle

“The river flows into the ocean and a flower blossoms whose roots are in the sky, petals unfolding in the Heart. Truly the body, being and becoming are mystery of such wonder that even the greatest mystic will never discover a limit.” Traktung Khepa

We are each a living mystery school.

In 2012, Venus’ visible passing between Earth and the Sun ignited Andrea Michelle’s “Soul Circuitry” by awakening her passion for remembering ourselves through marrying sky and earth in our bodies. Her greatest joy is to collaboratively initiate her clients into their mysteries, and a deeper alchemy of self and Soul. 

She is devoted to the wisdom-medicine of our human vulnerability as a gateway into the freedom, power, Love, truth and compassion of our Deep Heart.

Among her many influences and teachers: Adam Gainsburg, Lama Tsultrim Allione, Jeremy Parise, Dane Rudhyar, the life and teachings of tantric yogins & wisdom dakinis, the shamanic and alchemical traditions of her ancestry, and the crucible of intimate partnership. 

She helped organize the first Sky Astrology Conference in 2015 and made her astrology teaching debut at the second Sky Astrology Conference in 2018. 

Andrea Michelle is passionate about meeting our deepest fears in Love to open us into the inherent freedom which lives before conditioning and the paradigm of right/wrong. 


Hear from our clients

Andrea, i can't even tell you how much our session has stayed with me. truly, you gave me a compass for some of the most intense and transitory times... you gave me a Huge Huge Gift. i can't even tell you.
This is definitely not an astrology reading — for me it’s a healing session. How you weave the whole thing is very precious, Andrea. You have a wonderful gift…it dropped me into my heart..
First of all, thank you so much. It is always amazing to see how true personal astrological readings feel…in my previous reading experiences the focus on the journey of the soul was not highlighted as much, so your interpretation felt very fitting to what I have been feeling; it also helps me understand some of my behaviors.

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