Andrea Michelle

“The river flows into the ocean and a flower blossoms whose roots are in the sky, petals unfolding in the Heart. Truly the body, being and becoming are mystery of such wonder that even the greatest mystic will never discover a limit.” Traktung Khepa

We are each a living mystery school.

In 2012, deep in retreat and unaware of the sky happenings at the time, Venus’ visible passing between Earth and the Sun ignited what I refer to as my “Soul Circuitry,” awakening my desire (de sidere, ‘of the stars’) to remember ourselves through marrying sky and earth in our bodies.

I delight in supporting my clients to live courageously from their empowered, Soul-steeped Self. 

Among my influences and mentors: Adam Gainsburg, my Human Tribe, Dane Rudhyar, the life and teachings of tantric yogins & wisdom dakinis, the shamanic and alchemical traditions of my ancestry, and the crucible of intimate partnerships. 

I’ve presented for the Sky Astrology Conference, the Cosmic Intelligence Agency, and was also a teacher for Astrology Hub’s Inner Circle in 2022. I am a featured astrologer on Astrology Hub’s newly-launched flagship reading platform, Astrologer Connect.

My devotion to increasingly open nakedly to Life in its many-hued manifestations is matched only by the joy I receive meeting others wanting to play in the living alchemical playground of our timelessness and our transience.


Hear from our clients

You are helping midwife my process in a way that I never knew existed or could have imagined could fit so well with my own way of understanding and experiencing. I'm delighted to be connected with you.
It was such a pleasure having a reading from you. Your energy and the way you communicate is very caring and supportive. Thank you for all you expressed and your unique style of focus - it was very helpful and encouraging!
Thank you for an amazing session! It really resonated & gave me a vision for being present with & engaging my life & the challenges in a deeply vital & embodied way! So grateful for your practice, skill and intuitive art.

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