These resources are intended to provide practical information as well as potentially inspirational ideas.

Physical & mental health

Zach Bush, MD – former allopathic doctor passionate about reconnecting us to the Intelligence of the body for optimal wellness and deep healing.

Chaga mushroom has been shown to be effective in hardening the immune system against the COVID-19 virus, among its other wonderful properties.

Madeleina Bolduc is a clinical medical herbalist who has created immune-boosting tinctures for COVID-19 as well as for general, enhanced wellness.

Marina Eskina of ThruBody Therapy is a gifted body/energy worker providing sliding scale options. She is available for remote healing sessions.

New Earth Economics

These links will (hopefully) provide some interesting viewpoints. The work of these individuals crosses political barriers, daring to re-imagine social and economic systems that foster the creativity and resourcefulness of its citizenry!

Bitcoin for Beginners YouTube series, Andreas Antonopoulos
Well-articulated lectures about Bitcoin and Blockchain from an early adapter

Kate Raworth, Economist

Charles Eisenstein, Author, Speaker

Back to Eden Gardening: Paul Gautschi offers some simple techniques for planting an organic garden using composted wood chips. 

Practical Self-reliance: A blog that helps people find practical ways to become more self-reliant. 

Taboo Topics: Death, alt-news

Catherine Austin Fitts, The Solari Report

Jon Rapopport,

Stephen Jenkinson, Culture activist, teacher, author

James Corbett, independent investigative journalist


Web Design & Development, Lena German (designer of this website)

Ode to the Great Mother, by Filiz Telek

Collage artistry @justanthology on Twitter

Poetry of Mary Oliver, David White

Books by Martin Prechtel

Blueprint Reports and Portraits by Halla Makarem

This list is constantly updated.

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